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Feed a hungry child for a month

With only $45.00, your compassion can feed a child for a month. How many months can you feed a hungry child?
Provide 100 lbs of rice/corn (maize) and/or beans

Rice/corn (maize) and beans are an important source of protein and carbohydrates for hungry families. These staples provide vital nutrients to children who might otherwise starve to death. With only $80.00, you can help end the cries of hunger through a your gift.
Feed a hungry family for a day

For just $25.00, you can give the precious gift of food and feed a family of four for a day. How many days can you feed a poverty-stricken family?
School uniform for a child in need

For orphans in developing countries, a gift of clothing and shoes speaks volumes. Your gift of $45.00 to provide clothing and shoes will bring delight to their hearts.
Water Tanks/Wells

Contaminated water causes disease and, in extreme cases, death. Gather some friends and through Life NOW Global Mission, together we can provide wells and cisterns that bring fresh, safe drinking water to villages and communities whose access to clean water is limited. This project is estimated at $5000.00. How much can you donate?
Provide school supplies for a child for a semester

In developing countries, poverty-stricken parents are usually unable to afford books and other school supplies for their children. Your gift of $50.00 towards school supplies will give these children the basics so that they can have a more enjoyable educational experience.

Community Centers

Villagers can use a community center as a school for children, a job-training center for adults, a health clinic, and a place of worship for the whole village. Your gift of only $25.00 or more will go a long way in these projects.
Send a child to school for a year

Your gift will help put eager students on a path out of generational poverty. Educational assistance, based on need, is given annually to primary and secondary school students. Tuition and fees, shoes, uniforms and books are all needs that can be met through your generous gift of $165.00. This gift will ensure that desperately poor families no longer have to decide between giving their children an education or feeding them.
Provide hens to provide eggs

Your gift of only $40.00 will go towards providing egg laying hens for a poor family. These hens provide the family not only with a sustainable source of protein from eggs, but also with supplemental income from selling extra eggs. Chickens are inexpensive to raise and maintain, and the protein provided by eggs helps prevent the devastating effects of malnutrition.
Provide a computer workstation

A computer opens doors to another world for a child living in developing world poverty. Schoolchildren who learn computer skills are better equipped to further their education and become competitive in the workforce. Your gift of $150.00 outfit schools with a single fully equipped computer workstation.
Giving in kind

We accept all donations in kind. Do you have new or gently used clothing, shoes, toys, kid's story books, crayons, pencils, Bibles, computers, sewing machines, etc? Please contact us.

As you celebrate your birthday, turn it into a life-saving event. Ask friends, family and co-workers to help someone in need by donating through Life NOW.
Weddings/Marriage anniversary

Use your happy occasion to spread some joy by helping the poor change their station in life. Please click here.
In loving memory

When a loved one has reached life's ultimate milestone, with your gift of any amount you can create a remembrance fund through Life NOW to honor their memory, as you change other people's lives.
Contributions are tax-deductible under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3)
Life NOW Global Mission maintains fundraising and administrative costs of less than 5% of its expenses; more than 95% of all donations go directly to programs that help the poor.

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