Who we are
Life NOW Global Mission is a faith based nonprofit organization which was founded as a hope center – a helping hand to orphans in some parts of Kenya by providing at least one healthy meal per day. Our vision has since expanded to include binding up the broken hearted and proclaiming liberty in Christ via preaching the Word of faith. We, as a bridge of hope, have a mandate to preserve lives.

We at LNGM believe according to Matthew 25:31-46 that we as Christians and as members of the Body of Christ are called to “The Least of These.”
Scripture specifically outlines “doing” for those in need: feeding the hungry, visiting and loving the sick and those in prison, as well as providing shelter for those without homes and clothing for those who have none.

In addition, LNGM partners with non-profit organizations and the local church to answer the call of reaching out in an effort to work with communities at grassroots level in improving their overall quality of life.

Email: LifeNOWGlobalMission@gmail.com
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