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LNGM works with friends, family and well-wishers to financially support the goings on of this ministry.

Here's an idea of our current operations:

LNGM provides simple healthy meals to the hungry. How many meals can you give?

LNGM provides clothing and shoes to orphans. How many orphans can you clothe?

LNGM also provides health education at community level through Organization of Health Education & Research Services in Kenya. Our target groups are women, young girls, children and the community at large. Inspired by the thirst for Truth of the woman at the well in John chapter 4, LNGM strives to enlighten and empower women to improve health and socio-economic status of the community with the hope that they will in turn go and spread the news into their villages. This kind of training costs $200 annually per person. How many people can you train?

To choose how you would like to make a positive change in someone’s life, please complete the form on your right today or visit our store.

Lets work together in efforts to preserve Life NOW.

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