Postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) or obstetric hemorrhage is the single most important cause of maternal deaths worldwide. The United Nations estimates show that more than 500,000 women die each year worldwide due to complications arising from pregnancy and childbirth, which has been expressed as one woman dying every 7 minutes. In 2008 almost 99% of all maternal deaths occurred in developing regions, with sub-Saharan Africa accounting for 57% of all deaths.

For that reason, we at LNGM have a mandate to preserve lives, and our ongoing project advocates to create greater awareness on Service Delivery Indicators (SDI) on Health Survey.

LNGM works to bring hope, preserve life and empower individuals via the Word of God and meeting various needs.
LNGM facilitates training and other initiatives to encourage and empower individuals improve their lives.
Our projects
LNGM ministers new hope to orphans and people affected by HIV/AIDS and restoration to survivors of gender based violence.
Bringing hope
Life NOW
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                            No Opportunity Wasted
What we do
LNGM provides at least one healthy meal per day to the hungry.
LNGM currently functions in several parts of Kenya and is looking to expand to other regions.
Our future projects
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LNGM Food Distribution Centers in local communities.

LNGM Land Leasing Opportunities where those in need can participate through farming and food production for themselves and the community.

LNGM Water Sustenance Projects by digging of boreholes and providing water tanks in arid areas.
LNGM Self-Help Income Generating Projects

Vocational Skills Training Programs for school drop outs.

LNGM Sponsorship Programs for needy children to pursue higher education.

LNGM Construction Projects for community based health centers and community halls.